Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hedge raising: Testing added supports

Post: Bernie: May 7, 2011
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Yesterday Joey and I tested the support part one of the support solution.

Part One: 3/4" Rebar

We drove the Rebar up the electrical conduit. We suppose it did break the twine that goes through the drill holes in the conduit (good thing Joey thought of this before we bought ten foot Rebar, the whole Hedge could have slipped down each conduit pipe as the threads were broken) but only up three feet (there are two feet in the ground). So we thought this was a safe risk.

It was a little hard getting the Rebar up the kinked conduit but with a lot of banging it finally worked.

Part Two: Support Trees

In discussing this with Eric and Sonja (of Bee Keeping fame) we all came to the conclusion that the Rebar may not be enough support. Adding poles was discussed then Eric said Cedar posts would hold up the best. Then it progressed (after some refreshments) to using the fallen Cedar trees in the Wood behind the house and staggering them along the Hedge for extra support. I loved this idea because it still used gathered materials and I get to clear some trees and set them to a purpose (in Post-Set cement:). And I really loved the creative aspect that the trees offer that store bought posts do not - we can leave the dead branches on and have them penetrate the Hedge so they stick through to the other side. Joey and I think this will be very cool.

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