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The weaving begins

Post: Bernie: February 15, 2011
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Summer 2010:

Well where do you begin? Well we started at the bottom but would eventually start working all over the framework and from both sides simultaneously. Joey has this great spool of endless twine, tough stuff, that we used to sew the strips of fabric together and into place. Tough on out fingers too!  We were betting of course that the natural growth would start a weave of it's own and hold together what we were doing, long before the twine would rot. The objective after was to create a work that is constantly in the process of change.

The first layer of weaving is completed.

As we built up the weave rows we began to see relationships of color, texture and light.

We even created a window in the hedge using a screen panel from an old tent.

The fabric weave was really taking shape now and began to explore using the vines we had as another weaving material.

We saw the solidity and the transparency of the fabrics and began to work with those qualities.

The Gathered Hedge in the Autumn of 2010.

Now it is time for our partner the sun, rain, wind and other natural elements to become a full participates in this process of creation.

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