Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Helping nature take hold

Post: Bernie: May 25, 2011
Note: To follow The Gathered Hedge from beginning to end, choose Introduction from the index at right.

As you have read The Gathered Hedge is intended to be a collaboration with Nature.  The growing things that existed on site are the first line (mostly wild grape vines and Brier Rose).
But as the word "gathers" implies we will not shrink from "gathering" plants from other sources and locations.

Here are a few of the plants that we have "gathering": English Ivy from the yard of Joey's Mom and Dad in Rhode Island, many transplants of Brier Rose bushes from around the yard, vines of all kinds from around the yard (from places where I don't want them) and even some Pole Beans (from Lindell's again).

Evening comes to The Hedge.

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