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Summer 2012

Post: Bernie: July 12, 2012: Updated September 7, 2012
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It has been over two years now since our change-process art project began. There have been many stops, starts and coming together of materials, people and Nature.

June 21, 2012
With Summer now upon us the Hedge is beginning to fill out. More finials that Joey created are now out of the kiln. We just need to drag a ladder over there and install them atop the poles.

July 19, 2012: Putting up the newest finials.

Frog finial.
July 19, 2012 putting up the new finials.
A little ceramic festival tent. We'll see if the Yellow Jackets settle into this one too!
Joey made these castle battlements not knowing the challenge to the Hedge that was coming.

Long live the Hedge!
The embattled Hedge:

The process-change art that is The Gathered Hedge it seems has a new participant in this process of change. Who knew that after being whipped by the wind and blown down by winter the new participants would live right across the street.

Last week our across the street neighbors filed a complaint with the Planning and Zoning commission about this "eyesore".

The local paper did an article about the other problems that our neighbors had with our "open studios" the "pottery" on the property and off street parking. Of course open studios only happen once or twice a year and the pottery only has people here once a week during the evening for three or four hours tops.
But as The Lakeville Journal stated, "If the names sound familiar, it is because the two parties just went through a lengthy process before the Inland Wetlands Commission over property adjoining Re’s. The Sebben family cleared the land and destroyed wetlands on the leased site to create a horse pasture, without a permit. During the permitting process that followed, Re asked for a ruling for remediation of the wetlands. But before a decision was made, the Sebbenses abandoned plans there. A local farmer plowed the property and planted a cornfield. The commission determined the relatively passive agricultural use an “as of right” use."

The article went on to point out that, "The wall was described during a P&Z discussion last week as possibly a fence — one that does not comply with a height restriction. It could be argued that it serves the function of a wall or fence and it was, in fact, built in part to provide privacy. But its main purpose is clearly documented as art. At, is an explanation that the hedge is a collection of items that, over time, will change due to exposure and be replaced by growing things. It has been there for two years. Zoning regulations do not appear to address anything having to do with art installations, but were written to define as a structure anything attached to the ground."

The issue of the right to operate the art studio and pottery is a serious one that could effect our ability to create freely the art and pottery that is vital to our lives in both creative and financial ways. Anyone who would like to help defend these rights should write a note and email it to attention Zoning Enforcement Officer.

It's a process.

Finials viewed from road side right... left.
Rally round the Hedge!

You are welcome to post appropriate comments, advice and feedback below.
Closer view from the road with flowers, shrubbery and grasses growing at roadside height in front of Hedge. The Hedge is actually about 2-3 feet below the roadbed height set back on our property.

July 19, 2012: The Hedge continues  growing!

Sing along to the tune of the song Hair!
Hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge

Hedge, hedge, hedge.
Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it, my Hedge.

Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees,
give a home to the fleas in my Hedge.
A home for fleas (yeah) a hive for bees (yeah),
a nest for birds, there ain't no words for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of my:

Hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge, hedge

The English Ivy that we got from Joey's Mom and Dad's place and planted over a year ago is beginning to spread and climb.
Other vines.
Wild grape vines.
The Gathered Hedge from the newly blacktopped road.
Hedge looked toward the wetlands 100 foot set-back area that was plowed under.
Another view looking south west up road.

September 7, 2012: The end of summer: The Gathered Hedge is filling out and decorated

September 7, 2012 view from the road.
Many plants are now filling out The Gathered Hedge.
English Ivy from Joey's parents yard is starting to grow like crazy!<br>It should offer a great winter greenery look to our bleak hillside in winter.
Climbing vines and bushes near the screen window.
Grape vines abound! And tomatoes for a little harvest color!
More tomatoes decorate The Gathered Hedge in this photo taken from the yard side.

What will Autumn bring?

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