Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Digging the holes and setting the Cedars

Post: Bernie: May 20, 2011
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To set the Cedars (so they wouldn't, hopefully, end up in the road some stormy night) I dug (Joey started them) holes about three feet deep.

The ground was saturated from thunderstorms, so water was not a problem. Except have you ever tried to dig a hole that is constantly filling with water? What a mess!

The trees were then set in PostSet (that I "gathered" at Lindell's).

That gray sleeve is where the reinforced (with Rebar) Hedge post will go.

We braced them up and stood back to let them dry.

One up four to go!

We turned them so that the branches were faced out and the flattest part of the tree lay up against the Hedge. But some of the branches would still have to go through the Hedge (once it rises again).

The roadside Cedars are now up.

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