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The Hedge raising

Post: Bernie: May 22, 2011
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We decided to make a party of it!

I made Lasagna and Joey made a huge salad. We had wine, beer, Guinness, solar ice tea and our homemade Pear Hard Cider (blended with Honey). And gathered some friends and family.

At about two o'clock (Abby was up from her nap) and we all gathered up by the Hedge.

The object was to get the poles (that Joey and I reinforced with Rebar) upright and back into their sleeves.

(trying out The Hedge Raising "album cover" poses)

All ready for a raising!

Some of us were on the yard side pushing the Hedge up (you can't see us in this picture).


While Joey and our neighbor Bob from down the street pulled on ropes that I attached to poles and hoisted it up and one by one and got the poles upright and into the sleeves.

Here are Ken and I on the yard side.

Getting the poles back into their sleeves (as The Hedge was raised).

Yes! but a bit wavy still (we'll work on that tomorrow).

We then evened out the poles by driving them into their sleeves until they were again even (more or less) across the top.

"Abby. what is crazy Poppop doing up there?"

Then we tied off the poles to the Cedars.

(The Hedge Raising "album cover" pose)

We then had a celebratory dinner on the terrace.

Here you go Abby take some pictures...

(Abby took all of the following photographs) (cool)

"Long live the Hedge!"

The other two Cedars will be set up on the yard side and sandwich the Hedge in between themselves and the roared side Cedars.

NEXT: Setting the yard side Cedars [READ NEXT HEDGE POST]

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